5* Hotel In Thassos

5* Hotel In Thassos

5* Hotel in Thassos

Creation of a 5* hotel that will host the visitors of the island of Thassos. Trying to create a path that will be easily accessible by pedestrians on this intense slope of the ground, we have resorted to the solution of a spin. On this course we chose to allocate the rooms of the hotel so that they are easily accessible by visitors. Since, this route was quite large we created another shorter route.
This route, starts from the reception area and includes some junctions-stops on its right-hand side, which host the conference center, a relaxation-spa area and a restaurant, ending at the outside bar and in the pools. However, observing the natural enviroment of the area and the natural beauty of the place, we wanted to create volumes that would fit into it without altering it, but will further enhance it.
The architecture we have followed is that the design adapts to the new conditions, acting as an extension of the soil itself. The transition from the inside to the outside, from the public to the private, is exploited as the spaces no longer have a predetermined identity but are adapted to the variability of space in time.


YEAR : –

SQM. : 12.000 m2

ROOMS : 50

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