Anna Daouti

Anna Daouti

Anna began her career at the Democritus Polytechnic of Thrace (DUTH), wishing to fulfill her dream by studying in the Architecture department, where she graduated in 2017.

During the years of her studies, she was awarded a distinction in the department, in several projects. Many of her projects where selected to participate in various architectural exhibitions organized annually in Greece, one of them was the Pan-Hellenic Architectural Exhibition in Patras.

Influenced in her early age from the island of Thassos and her family’s occupation with the hospitality industry she realized the importance of fusing in harmony, modern architectural concepts, with the surrounding environment while maintaining the ergonomics at a high standard.

Moreover, she understood the value of a beautiful, ergonomic yet causal space that leads to the success of a hospitality project. Thus, she tries to create spaces that initially bring happiness but also invent a story and shape the future of a region. Having these values, ​​she is determined to offer a project full of aesthetics of an architect.

That’s why she created the AD ARCH STUDIO, a technical office with an architectural signature “An arch Signature”!