Fylachtos Daoutis

Fylachtos Daoutis

Fylachtos began his career with the International Business and Hospitality Management “Les Roches Global hospitality education” in Switzerland, aiming to realize his dream in the field of hospitality, studying in the department of hospitality management with specialization in business development, from which he graduated in 2018.

During the years of his studies, he excelled in the department, in several projects and events, thus winning various distinctions such as the first place in organizing the Greek presentation compared to presentations on more than 20 different countries.

Influenced by his family business in hospitality departments and especially in hotels, he realized that the proper organization and administration of these can bring the success of a company of unimaginable size.

Specifically, through the experience he gained from working in various big companies such as Hilton and living abroad for many years, he sought to look for the component of success. Understanding that any independent business should initially look for a unique idea. He believes that enterprises can withstand and grow in the future but need a proper structure and continuous research. This is how he will contribute in the Adarch Team, he will analyze a project by initially realizing the vision and then he will be able to cope with the demands of the society. Having those values, he is determined to offer his knowledge of the business segment and especially the hospitality with a fresh look, having as a guide the constant updating and searching for knowledge.

That’s why he is part of the AD ARCH STUDIO technical team with an architectural signature “An arch Signature” a signature to success!